• Sue Adams Law is a sole solicitor practice operating in Dorset and beyond.

Solicitor in Dorset

From estate planning to tax management, I’ve spent over 35 years helping families and business owners make sound decisions to protect their affairs and investments.

I’m a solicitor, chartered tax advisor and above all, a trusted professional who can help you navigate the complex and often intimidating world of law. If you need advice outside my scope, I can involve other specialists – including accountants and financial advisors – to make sure everything’s wrapped up neatly, and nothing gets missed.

How can I help you?

Estate planning is one of my specialisms, for individuals with varying levels of wealth. Working closely with you to understand your specific needs, I can help you:

  • Make sure that your assets pass to the people you most want to benefit
  • Plan to provide for family and others during your lifetime, such as young or vulnerable individuals
  • Manage your affairs to mitigate the effects of inheritance and capital gains tax
  • Ensure that the people you trust are empowered to manage your financial affairs or care decisions if you became unable to manage them yourself.

My overall goal is to bring you peace of mind, knowing that you’ve done all you can to protect those you care for.