News & Updates

The aim of this blog is partly to provide interesting updates and background to Sue Adams Law.

It also aims to provide information about the legal aspects of a person’s personal and family affairs, in an easy to read format which I hope will point you in the right direction when you start looking for answers in relation to your Will, probate for a loved one, succession planning, trusts or lasting powers of attorney.

Most people need legal advice at some point in their lives, if only to make one Will and nothing else. There are organisations advertising legal services online who want you to believe that law of all kinds is easy and doesn’t required a thorough understanding of your personal situation before applying legal solutions. Whilst this may suit some, it is my belief that a lot of people find the legal world daunting to deal with, either because it is unfamiliar or they are just too busy with their own lives to have the time to really investigate it. In either case they want someone they know and trust to take it on for them and ease their way to getting things done.

This blog will help you to become more informed, which will I hope assist when you come to speak to your lawyer about what it is you want to achieve.